Loudoun County Democratic Committee 2017-2018 Reorganization

Evan Macbeth - 

Reorganization (Temporary) Chair


Loudoun County High School

(415 Dry Mill Road SW, Leesburg, VA 20175)

Saturday 6 January 2018, 10:30 AM

Call to Caucus and Rules 

Membership Form (downloadable PDF)

Membership Form Online 

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Robert's Rules of Order Synopsis



What is reorg?

Reorg (reorganization) is the catch-all term for the process the Democratic Party uses to reinstate (or reset, really) its membership and elect officers every two years. This year, the LCDC Reorg will be at 10:30 AM on Saturday 6 January 2018 at Loudoun County High School (415 Dry Mill Road SW) in Leesburg. You should apply for membership and come elect our officers!

How do I become a member?

Fill out this Membership form  and submit it to Evan Macbeth in accordance with the instructions on the form. Then show up at Loudoun County High School on January 6th. You can pay membership dues online at the link above. Dues are $35 annually, and you can pay the full two years in advance if you wish. The LCDC requests you consider paying $40/year to help offset the costs of ActBlue transaction processing and reorg costs.

Please explain what “reinstate its membership” means?

Under the rules established by the national (DNC Bylaws) and state (Democratic Party of Virginia, State Party Plan) Parties, the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, and every local committee in the state, is required to reset its membership every two years, at the end of odd-numbered years. We zero out the membership rolls and actively recruit people to apply to serve as Committee Members for the following two years. 

The LCDC is far more than just a political club. The Loudoun County Democratic Committee is the official, by law and rule, instantiation of the Democratic Party in Loudoun County. Members have specific rights and responsibilities under that structure. Specifically, members determine how our candidates are nominated and endorsed, vote on what the local Party’s positions shall be on issues and other matters, and conduct the necessary caucuses, conventions, and internal elections for positions in the higher Democratic party organizations, up to and including the Democratic National Convention. Furthermore, by rule, Members represent non-member Democratic voters from their neighborhoods and precincts. As a member of the LCDC, you are, in fact, the voice of your neighbors within the Democratic party, and have a responsibility to faithfully represent those people and be a steward of their interests within the Party.

As Members, we are the core volunteer base for our Party and our candidates. Members are expected to be active in Committee business, including serving on standing committees like Precinct Operations, Membership, and Communications, attend District meetings and events, and otherwise be active in the LCDC. Members are also expected to volunteer for our Democratic candidates canvassing, phone banking, and otherwise getting the word out about them. Finally, as a Member you are responsible for working your Precinct on Election Day, handing out sample ballots to voters to let them know who the Democrats are that year.

Loudoun County Democratic Committee
PO Box 544, Leesburg, Virginia 20178 
Phone: 703-771-3366