LCDC Endorsement Process for Non-Partisan Races

LCDC Endorsement Process for Non-Partisan Races

The Loudoun County Democratic Committee has adopted a policy for endorsing candidates in non-partisan races such as Town Council and School Board elections. This policy formalizes the way in which we will endorse a candidate, to ensure the process will be transparent and have integrity. This policy was passed at the May 3rd, 2018 membership meeting.

Non-Partisan Endorsement Process

  • Candidates must submit a letter of intent to seek the LCDC endorsement at least 14 days prior to the date petitions are due for submission to the Board of Elections.
  • The LCDC will hold an endorsement vote at a specially called General Membership Meeting no later than 10 days after the date petitions are due to be submitted to the Board of Elections.
  • In order to appear on the endorsement ballot you will have to satisfy the LCDC Chair and the Candidate Recruitment Chair that you have fulfilled all of the requirements to be on the ballot with the Board of Elections. Paperwork must be submitted with letter seeking LCDC endorsement.
  • Only people who are confirmed LCDC members before the endorsement meeting can vote in the endorsement vote. Everyone who votes will have to sign their name to their ballot in accordance with DNC rules.  “No endorsement” will be an option on the ballots.
  • Candidates who seek LCDC endorsement must sign a pledge to drop out of race if they fail to receive the endorsement (exceptions will be made when appropriate for candidates subject to the Hatch Act).  Candidates who receive the LCDC endorsement must promise to support the full slate of LCDC endorsed candidates on the ballot. 

The first non-partisan endorsement this policy will apply to is the Leesburg Town Council races. Below are the dates associated with this election.

Deadlines to participate in LCDC endorsement process:

  • Deadline for candidate to seek LCDC endorsement: May 29th.  Time and location for the endorsement vote will be posted on the LCDC website on this day.
  • LCDC certifies and prints endorsement ballots: June 5th
  • LCDC endorsement vote: July 5th

We welcome all interested candidates who believe in our Core Values. Those who would like to considered for the LCDC endorsement, please contact Alfonso Nevarez, Chair of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee:

Loudoun County Democratic Committee
PO Box 544, Leesburg, Virginia 20178 
Phone: 703-771-3366