LCDC Leadership

The current Officers are Marty Martinez as Chair, Randy Ihara and Evan Macbeth Vice Chairs, Shelly Tamres as Secretary, and Kannan Srinivasan as Treasurer.


Chair Marty Martinez
Vice Chair Randy Ihara
Vice Chair Evan Macbeth​
Secretary  Shelley Tamres
Treasurer Kannan Srinivasan


Standing Committee Chairs

Activities and Fundraising Ellen Heald Plan, organize, and conduct all special events and other social and fundraising activities held by or on behalf of the LCDC, including without limitation the annual Gala Dinner and the annual Harvest Dinner.
Candidate Recruitment Avram Fechter Identify and recruit viable Democratic candidates, and provide support for such candidates in running a successful campaign.
Communications Amy Bauer Responsible for internal and external communications. Maintains website and social media outreach.
Diversity and Outreach Larry Roeder To adopt and implement programs and strategies designed to (i) fulfill the LCDC’s outreach obligations under Section 3.1 of the Virginia Democratic Party Plan dated December 4, 2010, or any successor Plan; and (ii) diversify the makeup of the LCDC’s membership in order to improve the committee’s ability to connect with all of Loudoun’s residents.
Finance Pat Turner Assist the Treasurer to ensure that an internal audit of the operations of the LCDC is conducted at least once each year as directed by the LCDC Chair.
Former Chairs Advisory Val Suzdak Provides knowledge and experience regarding running the LCDC, competing in the county and maintaining relationships with our major stakeholders.
Issues Randy Ihara Conducts research on local, state, and national issues of importance to LCDC’s mission and to Democratic candidates or office-holders. Collaborates on wording of Issues Resolutions and issues reports on resolutions with recommendation for adoption or denial.
Membership Karen Knobloch Increase membership in and volunteer support for the LCDC to the maximum extent feasible; to help members find roles within the LCDC and to assist other Standing Committee chairs in ensuring full staffing for all Committees. Track attendance at Membership Meetings and support calculation of quorum. Maintain the Membership database.
Precinct Ops Sonia Ballinger & Shelley Tamres Build and train a permanent network of committed Democratic volunteers sufficient to staff  Loudoun County precincts throughout each election day and to build a precinct-led system that understands and can service constituent issues and needs. Plan and implement programs to provide LCDC members with such training as is required to promote the election of Democrats to county, state, and federal office.
Presence Lissa Savaglio & Randy Ihara Monitor, track, and document public statements, votes, and actions of officials elected or appointed to represent or govern the people of Loudoun County. Notify LCDC membership of upcoming public input hearings, or other meetings or events at which matters of public interest are likely to be addressed, and at which public participation is expected or would be worthwhile. To solicit participation by LCDC Members and members of the public at any such meetings.
Young Dems Matt Leslie Plan and execute strategies designed to attract individuals under the age of 36 years to membership in and activities supporting the Democratic Party in general and the LCDC in particular including, where appropriate and consistent with these By-laws, high school and college age individuals who are not yet eligible to vote.


Sub-Committee Chairs

DemoCrafts under: Diversity and Outreach Charlotte McConnell Create buttons, T-shirts, etc. with Democratic issue messages.
Green Team under: Issues Sri Amudhanar Make LCDC a local coordinating point for renewable energy knowledge, training, fixing Virginia laws that work against it, and increasing the implementation of renewable solutions.
Voter Registration under: Precinct Operations Hannah Mullin & Ayala Sherbow Conduct voter registration events for LCDC, particularly in minority/underserved populations.


Ad Hoc Committee Chairs

Presentations Joan Kowalski Arranges for guest speakers at our monthly Membership meetings.


Caucus Chairs

DWEL (Democratic Women Empowering Loudoun) Ellen Heald Democratic Women's Caucus group.

Loudoun County Democratic Committee
PO Box 544, Leesburg, Virginia 20178 
Phone: 703-771-3366