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Democrats believe that the lives and concerns we share with our fellow Americans must be the cornerstone of democratically-elected governmental institutions at the local, state and national levels. These institutions, at their best, can be instrumental to sustain and promote opportunity, equality, freedom and justice for all. Accordingly, Democrats share and actively protect our Core Values

LCDC Leadership

The LCDC membership elects Officers at the bi-annual reorganization meeting, last held in December 2013. The Officers include the Chair, two Vice-Chairs, the Secretary and the Treasurer. These Officers run the day-to-day affairs of the Committee and are the highest level of central leadership.

LCDC members from each of Loudoun’s eight election districts also select their own District Chair and Vice-Chairs at the reorganization. Each District Chair is responsible for holding monthly District meetings, organizing LCDC activities within the District (including membership recruitment), and monitoring the elected officials (Supervisor and School Board Member) for the District.

The LCDC maintains several standing committees to perform the work of the Committee. These include Activities, Communications, Outreach, Membership, Precinct Operations, and Issues/Presence, among others. The LCDC Chair appoints the Chair of each of these committees.

Together, the Officers, District Chairs and Standing Committee Chairs form the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets monthly to discuss LCDC business and vote as required on certain matters. The Executive Committee meetings usually occur on the Monday preceding the LCDC Membership meeting at 7 p.m.; LCDC members are welcome to attend.

Loudoun County Democratic Committee
PO Box 544, Leesburg, Virginia 20178 
Phone: 703-771-3366